Peak bloom has happened and it is spectacular. Pretty much the same as last week as far as locations but flowers have really come on now.

One addition is on Simmler Road there are great spots for Tidy Tips, Tick Seed (coreopsis), and others.

Please keep in mind Panorama is a closed road, Elkhorn Road is for not for passenger cars, Simmler road is impassable when wet (potential rain next weekend) and not great for passenger cars. When exploring the Monument respect private property.

-Benjamin Rickman, Goodwin Education Center, CPNM

Carrizo Plain Wildflower Report April 16 2017

As of this Sunday (4/16) we are past peak and flowers are starting to fade quickly. People have been reporting the southern end of the Monument is drying and going to be done soon. The hills are fading but still have some good yellow. Still good displays along Soda...

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Carrizo Plain Wildflower Report March 12 2017

HERE’S WHAT’S BLOOMING ON THE CARRIZO PLAIN THIS WEEK Many people have asked when the wildflower season will peak. One guess is in two-four weeks, but we really can't say precisely as each season is different. "Still a little while until the peak, but getting...

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