We can now say this an excellent year for wildflowers at Carrizo Plain. Our peak bloom has started this week and flowers are looking great. We think the next 1-2 weeks or so will probably be our peak.

Carrizo Plain Wildflower Super Bloom

  • Around Soda Lake we are seeing good patches of Phacelia and Orange Fiddleneck with a good patch of Baby Blue Eyes on Overlook Hill.
  • On the road to the Education Center there are patches of Phacelia, Goldfields, and Hillside Daisy.
  • South of the Education Center on Soda Lake Road there are large patches of Hillside Daisy and Goldfields in full bloom.
  • On the way to the Selby Campground there are large patches of Daisies, Golden Bush, Bush Lupine. At the south end of Soda Lake Road the famous “purple patch” is back in full swing.
  • Elkhorn Road has been a closed county road, but should be open at this time. We have been getting reports of widespread Desert Candle and Hillside Daisy in the Temblor Range. Elkhorn Road is not recommended for low clearance vehicles and is a more remote section of the Monument, so please be prepared.
  • We have received many reports of other flower species throughout the monument such as Tidy Tips, Red Maids, Blazing Star, Cream Cups, and others. Many rare and endangered species are doing well this year, such as the California Jewel flower.

When visiting Carrizo Plain National Monument please remember to bring plenty of food, water, gas, and clothes for changing weather conditions. Most of the roads are dirt and can be impassable when wet. Soda Lake Road has long dirt sections that have been rutted out in several spots, but passable by passenger car. Please Remember to not drive off road but only pull off one car length.

– Ben Rickman