Education and Educational Support

The Friends have produced Educational Media on Birds, Wildflowers and other topics for use at the Goodwin Education Center. This includes both photographic references, first developed in 2008, and electronic access in the Education Center to a program that provides natural history and human history on the Monument.

  • This web site provides a home for BLM educational materials, including materials removed from BLMs computer system.
  • The Friends provide direct financial support to K-12 school students to visit the Carrizo Plain on field trips.
  • Friends provided funds to cover taxidermy of an American Badger to be displayed in the Goodwin Ed. Center.
  • Friends have provided support to the Jr. Explorer program for the Carrizo Plain National Monument.
  • Friends are currently developing educational signage for the outside garden of the Goodwin Education Center.
  • Friends has informational boothing that is viewed at various nature-based gatherings , such as Earth Day and Morro Bay Bird Festival.